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Fulfilment is an important spoke in the journey of the product from Manufacturing to the consumer. It has come up in many studies that on an average, organisations spend about 30-90 days from ‘end of planning’ to ‘executing a warehousing project’. That’s a lot of time, especially in the Internet Era. The process starts with looking for a raw warehouse. And you know the archaic ways of finding warehouses, and how cumbersome they are. And then lots of time is spent in manual activities to do the due diligence of warehouse. Putting up a team together and training them to ensure desired Operations Quality largely remain expectations despite investment of money & time by organisations. Realtime Inventory visibility and Compliances at Warehouse are another aspects where acute challenges exist as 90% of the warehousing in India are said to Un-organised. Considering the above, can you deduce the ultimate speed an organisation can attain for scaling the network & business? It is nowhere near to match up the speed of the world. No wonder why the Logistics cost in India is a whopping 14% of the GDP! We at Warehousearch, aim to solve these challenges for you ~ Fulfilment Warehousing Digitally Delivered !

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